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Gyro-X Inc.
Why Gyro-x?
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Marketing & merchandising consulting company
Logic will not be sufficient to let consumers buy your products.
Value sharing is the key.
We produce marketing ideas from consumers' eyes
and our successful experiences.
A real consultation must bring a fruitful results.

What Gyro-X provide
Business consulting
A company who is going to start mail order business or E-commerce site, and a company hits a plateau of sales, please try our services. Your solutions are here. Our consultant who has more than 20 years of direct marketing experience is at your disposal.
Introducing new brand and services
Unveil and introduce new brands and services in overseas market to Japanese market. There are many good merchandises and services which attract Japanese consumers.
Consulting for a company who targets japanese market
Are you targeting Japanese Market? Gyro-X is the company you can count on. Our services include legal process for setting the company, recruiting and of course, marketing, bi-cultural communication solutions and operations supports.
Business seminar
Providing business seminars for managers, marketers and merchandisers.



New products and services
■ Cell Assist
Ion power sheet keep vegetable, fish, flower, etc fresh.

Save gas consumption by attaching Excellent Z on you engine. Excellent Z suppresses CO2 emission.

■ Wi Lai
Foot rest for your long flight and riding. For avoiding Economy symptom.